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Photographs of Megaliths by John Kuipers e.g. Stone Circles and Monuments in Great Britain

John Kuipers has photographs of megaliths at his photography site at, e.g. Stonehenge, and other locations too, of course.

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Archaeology: Megaliths

Links about archaeology and the Megaliths at

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Megalithic Alignment of Clendy - Swiltzerland

Megalithic Alignment of Clendy (Switzerland)

The Megaliths of Clifden at Captivating Connacht | Irish America | IrishCentral

Captivating Connacht | Irish America | IrishCentral

Connemara, in the west of County Galway, consists of a broad peninsula between Killary Harbor and Kilkieran Bay with a laced network of lakes and is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Ireland. Its scenic coast is made up of a number of peninsulas that form picturesque craggy mountain peaks, and megalithic tombs surround its main town, Clifden. Traditionally divided into North and South Connemara by the majestic mountains of the Twelve Bens range, Connemara is marked by the boundary of the Invermore River, with expansive beaches. The region is recognizable for the breathtaking contrasts of sky, sea, land and bog." [emphasis and linksadded]

Megaliths of Israel and the Cultural Landscape: Parks Authority Makes List of Heritage Sites in Israel

Israel Parks Authority draws up its own list of heritage sites - Haaretz - Israel News

Zafrir Rinat writes:
"Following a request from UNESCO, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority recently submitted a list of sites it believes constitute Israel's 'cultural landscape.' ..."
Included in the list is:
"[T]he stone circle of Rujm el-Hiri (also called Galgal Harefaim, an ancient megalithic monument in the Golan Heights)...."
Read the full story.

Megaliths of Kerala, India and the Mediterranean Link

Researcher reveals Kerala's possible Mediterranean link - Oneindia News

Callanish Stones on Google Street View

Callanish Stones on Google site - Press & Journal:

The world-famous Callanish Stones have been captured by Google Street View.

Landscape Archaeology in Ancient Wisconsin: Dane County's Effigy Mounds and the Megaliths as Cosmological Maps

Dane County's effigy mounds are a world wonder:
by David Medaris at
"Robert Birmingham was touring Ireland when he had 'a sort of epiphany.' He was visiting megaliths — large, ancient stone structures exemplified by England's Stonehenge. 'It occurred to me,' he recalls, 'that there was a connection between megaliths and the mounds here,' in Dane County [Wisconsin]....

... the massive earthworks amounted to vast 'cosmological maps,' Birmingham says."
Read the whole story about landscape archaeology here.

Birmingham's theory supports the theory by Andis Kaulins in Stars Stones and Scholars that such megalithic sites were land survey monuments sited and sighted by ancient astronomy. See also

Cup and Ring Marks and the Mathematics of Ancient Carvings

Mathematics of ancient carvings reveals lost language - life - 01 April 2010 - New Scientist:

Kate Ravilious writes about the use of computer analysis to analyze undeciphered scripts, a method which we support - as long as it is combined with traditional methods which must be used as a check and a balance on the results - since all such computer results involve human bias in their set-up, so that nothing is ever quite as clear as it seems. Ravilious also writes:
"[Rob] Lee and his colleagues are now keen to analyse other undeciphered ancient scripts, such as the 'cup and ring' marks from the northern UK and Bronze Age petroglyphs from Scandinavia."

Mystic Culture - Kultstätten, Archäologie, Megalithkultur in Niedersachsen

Mystic Culture - Kultstätten, Archäologie, Megalithkultur in Niedersachsen

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Erin go bragh! 15th annual Burlington Irish Heritage Festival celebrates culture on St. Patrick’s Day | The Burlington Free Press | Burlington, Vermont

Erin go bragh! 15th annual Burlington Irish Heritage Festival celebrates culture on St. Patrick’s Day | The Burlington Free Press | Burlington, Vermont
"Here are the highlights; find complete schedule at


Lecture: Spirituality and Stones

This year’s featured speaker the Rev. Jim Gorman’s talk, “Spirituality and Stones,” will focus focuses on stone circles and megalithic tombs. The Emerald Isle is rich with these mysterious structures, many of which, like Newgrange in County Meath, were built more than 5,000 years ago. Their purpose and cultural significance is often unclear, prompting scholars like Gorman to do extensive research on the subject.

However, were it not for the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival, Gorman likely would not have the credentials to give such a lecture. The festival’s major annual fundraiser is a raffle, and the grand prize each year is two round-trip tickets to Ireland. Gorman won the prize a few years ago, and subsequently took his first trip to Ireland.

“He became passionately fascinated with the megaliths and stone circles,” Hill said. “He has researched it and gone back numerous times since, and he’s going to come be our noon lecturer because he wanted to give back.”

• If you go: Noon-1 p.m. Friday, Community Room, Fletcher Free Library. Free, donations welcome;; 863-3403."

Herts is ley line hotspot says ‘Hertford Camelot’ author - News - East Herts Herald

Herts is ley line hotspot says ‘Hertford Camelot’ author - News - East Herts Herald